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Questions?.... This Collection is the Answer to Early Spring!

She looked across the room. “Who is that?” she wondered, her elbows in the air, her big blue eyes asking.

“Where have you been all my life?” She stated hands on her hips, green eyes and ponytail waving side to side.

“What is going on with my heart?” she asked innocently, her hands on her cheeks, her heels clicking, her dark garnet hair shimmering on top of her head.

“Really?” “Don’t you know how much I love you?” “How can I feel so in love?” they all thought to themselves.

Questioning Love. Questioning Life.

Questions. An Ora Collection by Joan Davis Dresses.

2017 graffiti marked dresses…marking a new beginning for spring.

A JDD cotton ruched waist long maxi dress with a sexy thigh high split, a silky baseball cut sleeveless look that will rock for daytime events, evening resort wear and spring!

Grab the party dress of the season! a silk or a-line velvet?

Sophisticated and fun, the Questions collection will carry you through Spring 2017.

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