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Peace Love Joy

Peace Love Joy….Now!

Is it not time for us to wear what we believe and hope for on our sleeve?

Let’s be honest. These days are crazy stressful. The stock market is up and then its down. The current government seems so inefficient, filled with mistrust and lack of confidence. Violence is rampant and hopes are falling. Technology is changing everything including our privacy and our safety.

We need to stand up for what America truly stands for.

Treasure your freedom to live in Peace at home and abroad. Choose to Love your country, one another and Believe in Joy.

What truly can bring us Joy is a belief in a future, the Love of sharing our gifts in the present with others and to have Peace as we put our memories in a place for safe keeping.

Peace, Love, Joy. Joan Davis Dresses wishes it upon all of you.


This collection was designed to inspire a sense of hope for the future and to bring peace, love and joy back into our hearts. See the Peace Love Joy collection featured in Reno Tahoe Tonight's Magazine!

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